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Divya & Amit
31 January 2010
Dear, I can not tell you how much excited I am today coz because of you guys I have found theeeeee most wonderful gift of my life. It was 23 May 2009 to be very precise that I recieved acceptance email fom your site that one small little cute angel has accepted my interest. You may not believe it, but I still have that email( I ll show it to my kids that how there parents met. How just one normal day surfing for my life partner actually turend out to be so fruitful). As soon as I got that mail, I knew there was something special about this girl. Soon after the series of meetings got fixed. There were a lot of questions, alot of queries i had to answer to myself before finally we two got tied in one knot( Our Rokaa) took place on Dec 11 2009. Just want to thank you guys for such a wonderful site.Nd one more thing please do come to my wedding. I want you guys to be there. I'll send the card as soon as everything is fixed. Keep up the good work. Happy Match Making Thanks & Regards Amit Chhabra