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Preeti Nath & Rohit Chandna
22 November 2013
My cousin brother is having account on Shaadi.Com. He was searching for life partner on it. I was just siting with him watch whatever he was doing. I was not a lot interested in getting married so early. He opened my account on Shaadi.Com and told me that you can also search a good match on Shaadi.Com. I didn't took him seriously but somehow i found it interesting. I started coming on Shaadi.Com. One day Rohit shown his interest in me. We talked to each other and some days after we exchanged our number. He called me up now we have started talking on phones. One day we met and found that we both are interested in each other so we decided to talk to our parents. He ensured me that he will convince his parents but i was scared because my family was strict and always opposing to love marriages. Rohit was from different community he belongs to Punjabi community and i was a Brahmin girl and i knew that my family will never get agree for marriage. I talked to my parents for Rohit they strictly said me no but in Rohit family a opposite seen was there his family was totally convinced by whatever Rohit wanted. I again and again tried to convince my parents but my all efforts was going in garbage. I was in love with Rohit so i also stick on my point. then after some days my parents realize that i will be happy if i get marry to Rohit. so they got agree on my proposal but raised one condition that if all family member will pass him then only i can marry him otherwise I will have to do whatever my parents want. I accepted the condition and come to Gurgaon at Rohit home with my family. they talked to Rohit and his parents for 2-3 hours and got agree for our marriage. after that my parents started talking to Rohit and was impress from Rohit. On 19th July 2013 we got married. I would like to thank the whole teem of Shaadi.Com. for making such a nice platform for matches and bringing enlistment in the thinking of Indian population by changing thinking process for better solution. Due to you only 1st love marriage have been done in my family history and after the success of my marriage you have opened the doors of love marriage for my younger ones.