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Supriya & Rupesh
02 September 2013
Hi All I am very happy that I got myself registerd on I found my perfect match...Its like we are made for each other.It was like we were just waiting to meet each other, and was our mediator. I would like to share each and everything of how did it all happen. Rupesh Sent me a request and I accepted it. then thanx to the chat service to, we chatted and exchanged numbers. We spoke to each other for 2 days and he came to see me on the 3rd day, and we behaved as if we knew each other since a long time. 4th day my family and i went to his house. everyone loved Rupesh and his family. The day i saw him and interacted with Rupesh , it really clicked me and i told myself that Yes this is it. It was my sisters birthday and we had decided to go to Goa. I wanted to propose him there in Goa and give him a surprise and i had already told my dad about it. Untill then i did not day a yes to him. Rupesh took me on a conference call and called my dad (for a general conversation) and i was on mute. And my dad told him that i am ready for marriage. After talking to dad he spoke to me and was very very happy because i said a yes. He couldnt believe his ears. Then the biggest day arrived on the 25th of Aug 2013 when i got engaged. And the best part was when both our relatives felt that it was our love marriage and not and arrange marriage. Whenever we listen to these words we laugh our heart out. Thanks to that We met each other. Regards Rupesh and Supriya