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Dr Rutika Bagul & Dr Pratik Bhosale
16 August 2013
My long waited search ended wen on 23 rd of april 2013 i just happened to like pratik s profile n had sent him a request just as a part of normal routine had it become by then...and suprisingly my request was accepted and a message was sent to me the very next day...having noted down his contact no. my dad called him for a general info and then I dont know what conversation they had but my dad to my surprise came running to the pc to have a detail look at his profile... so much was he impressed by d very first talk that the smile on his face had said it all... Followed by that was initial comfortable conversations between our parents...which led me to meet my loving and caring aai(mother in law)on 30th april at our pune she was describing pratik my eyes started to twinkle ,will he really b d guy of my dreams my mind started to mingle...d following day i.e on 1 st may i got a call from jharkand saying "hi...I am dr pratik" and from their onwards our SILSILA starts interesting... Den one to two weeks v cntd formal talking...which was followed by phone dating...both of us used to wait so eagerly for d night which used to add romance in our life...mean while things were also proceeding with the same pace at seniors level ...which made us so happy and marvel...discovering pratik was a journey which seems so heart always said to me "rutika dis is the guy you wer waiting for" every day was seeming life a season so we started d countdown session...30th of may was the date decided for our first meeting...thinking of which my wud start pacing... Life every bollywood heroine I too was waiting for my hero to enter thru d sky...well il tell u it literally happened in my case as my prince charming was travelling to meet me for d first time via flight flying high...den came d day of first meeting? n he had arrived with aai n baba(mother n fathr in law) who were also eagerly waiting...everythg was matching so great? therefore our parents immediately fixed on 2nd of june, 15 th july as our marriage date?dis anouncement filled our hearts wid loads of joy? which lead us to do anything but rejoy... Aftr tha toh Shaadi preparation were on the high? as every day was just flying d same time my love was also working very hard to making a lot of preparation for his princess who was about to come dad n my bro had a tough task organizing the wedding? as time we had was very much limiting...but it was fine as i was on top of d world...all d time nothing but shopping n shopping was d only work I did... Finally d auspcious day was on the rise...and I was all set to be my charming princes bride... 14th july was d day wen we exchanged rings? and in this joy in the sangeet we all danced like was followed by the rasam of haldi were the colour of our love was yellow...n our auspicious grand wedding d very next day was to follow...evrythg went according to what we all had planned... and we had all landed no where bt our dreamland... this was my short sweet love story about finding my soulmate which stared without prior I would suggest people dont get depressed ?SHAADI.COM is the right channel you r choosing... Regards and love to my mom ,dad my bro abhijeet n my entire family for their unlimiting support and never ending u all people a lots... THANKS A LOT SHAADI.COM-REGARDS...