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Nishitha & Sharath
26 July 2013
Incidentally, arranged marriage was not something either of us were interested in till me met each other on Initially it was parental pressure that pushed us to getting into the arranged marriage system and it proved to be the best decision that our parents had taken for us. From the second my eyes set on her profile, something told me that I will wait till she rejects me before I check with any other profile and for some reason when she accepted the request, I knew she was the one. Things feel into place when the horoscopes matched and from the second we met, we knew that we were meant to be. Romance is not something that happens only in love relationships, it?s an evolution of love and trust. Ever since our marriage date was fixed, even though we are living in 2 different countries, we have been having the most romantic days of our lives. Thank you guys for making this happen.