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Durgadas Kamath & Shruthi Nayak
15 June 2013
Hi Team I am so thankful to it all started 2 weeks back when I was browsing and Shruthi's profile caught my attention specially her profile pic, I thought I will give it a try and sent her a request , I had totally lost faith in love as I had a breakup relation some years back and had decided to give my life to my people and country as I am a part of Indian National Congress and into social life Shruthi dint accept my request for almost 2 days, One day I saw her online over chat and just pinged her ,she too replied back, I requested her to accept my proposal to which she said I won't mind accepting but horoscope should match , we exchanged our horoscope immediately and went with our horoscope to our astrologer the next day, mean while I asked for her cell number to which she denied and said will give it to you only once horoscope matches, The next day I received a call from unknown landline number and normally I don't pick any unknown numbers ,to my surprise it was Shruthi who called me. we spoke with each other and started chatting too. I felt like i was in love now. I went to our astrologer and he was going through our horoscope for almost more than 2 hours for matching it and I was tensed a lot as Shruthi has laid down a condition saying if horoscope doesn't match we won't proceed further ,but we shall remain good friends forever. Meanwhile, I was sending pics of astrologer to Shruthi through whats apps and was asking her to just pray that the horoscope matches. Finally the time came when the astrologer called me inside in his room and said ?Durga Congratulations!!!, you can go ahead?. I immediately texted Shruthi about the same and we were so happy. I immediately sent an email to saying that I have found my soul mate and requested them to close my account to which they replied that I had won a holiday voucher and asked me to sent our photograph. Once our horoscope matched, Shruthi informed her parents and I too informed my parents, but now the problem was that we were missing each other a lot as I was in Goa and she was in Mangalore, almost 350 Kilometers. We met last week and spent a lovely weekend together going to the beach, movies & malls and it was our first DATE. Now we have decided to turn this relationship into a beautiful long lasting relationship called "MARRIAGE '. Now our parents have spoken to each other and we are getting married in the month of November?2013. Now it?s like we are not able to stay without each other for a moment. We chat on whatsaaps or speak over phone continuously. I would like to thank the entire team for making my life. Thank you guys, I would surely like to invite our marriage.