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Aleena Amji & Hasshim Shah
09 June 2013
It is said that "Marriages are settled in heaven and celebrated on earth". For each one of us, though it is settled by the Almighty, we all find it cumbersome to meet our desired match among others. To facilitate our efforts in finding the right alliance, has been doing exceptionally well in this regard. not only provide a platform to meet our true soulmate but aids in blending the rich cultural and traditional heritage that exists in India. Our journey on too started in an extraordinary manner. Ironically, we both met our soulmates at a place which was least expected and the best part was, we bumped into each other within the few months of our registration to this site! We met here early Feb 2013, exchanged ideas, respected each others differences, if any, (though we fail to find them between us) and shared our vision about life. At this juncture, we even forgot that we hail from two different extremes of India, Kashmir & Kerala. Everything fell perfectly into place as we received blessings from both the families equally. I know it seems a cliche if we say that we are made for each other, but yes, the feelings that we share with each other every passing day, makes our relation inexplicable because for us, our feelings for each other is a journey- starting at forever and ending at never. This is how it happened. We have fixed our wedding date on 12-Nov-2013 when we will kick start our new life together as husband and wife. We would once again like to express our heartily gratitude to the entire team of for bringing us close to each other and we both truly appreciate and endorse your sincere efforts in taking a step forward in helping hundred thousands find their real soul mate. With Love Aleena & Hasshim