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Adhira Nagesh & Ashwin Rao
29 May 2013
Hello.... My search for a life partner had been going on for over two years and in the process, I met few prospective persons of which none of these seemed to ?click? due to various reasons which left me disappointed. Destiny has its own way of changing one?s life and in March 2013, my mom sent me the profile of Ashwin on In the midst of my studies and exams, the first time I spoke to Ashwin, it seemed like a stress buster and I could really connect to him. I felt a real optimism after our initial conversations and soon after we continued chatting while Ashwin was away on holiday. Our hearts felt what our eyes couldn?t see and we started falling for each other. We both followed our instincts and told our parents that we would like to spend our lives together. is an amazing website. The matching is wonderful and has an extraordinary ability of turning two strangers into spouses. The services offered are great and we have no doubt your website will help many more people. Our best wishes to the team at We hope you continue to bring happiness into many other lives! Adhira and Ashwin Engaged April 30th 2013, getting married in Oct 2013. Courtesy