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Sushmita Jena & Satwak Sahoo
02 February 2013
Like most of us, I registered at in June 2012 under tremendous pressure from my very-concerned-about-my-wedding-folks. I started getting interests almost immediately. Accepted few to begin with. And then there was this very ordinary looking guy and very interestingly written profile. How I wish I knew that moment is going to change my life for good and I would have noted down the exact time to nearest millisecond for posterity... What was also very interesting is the way he approached me with an email. Extremely courteous and non pushy email. Already floored by the interesting-like-minded-like-interests-profile, the email did me in (for readers and future match-lookers be courteous and gentleman like - always works). We exchanged gtalk IDs and one thing led to another... We started talking over the phone - we could not immediately meet because we were continents apart and talking to each other meant one of us screwing up ones sleep cycle. Of course we did not mind that then... We met when he finally came to India end of July 2012. We met and we instantly knew - that this was it. Apart from the usual I-can-talk-about-anything-with-him types, he is the guy I wanted to get old with. He is the one I wanted to have babies with. He is the guy who gives me stability in life. He is the one I wanted to do Everest Base Camp with. He is the one I want to do deep-sea diving with. He is one I want to go to the Sea Cave in Papua New Guinea with. He is the one I want to see the world with. He is the one who balances my free-spiritedness and anchors me... So Voila.... he was the ONE for me... My partner-in-crime! We fell for each other and before we knew we were engaged in Novemeber and were married on the 7 December 2012. I profusely thank for the platform and giving us a fair chance to look for our PARTNER-IN-CRIME...