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Jaswinder & Gurwinder
30 March 2011
Hi, We are pleasure to share our success story with u guys, I was vry disappointd due to the kind of women i m imaging in dreams I m not getting in those days, many proposal are coming on day to day basis but but no one is touching even not closed to my dream wife. One day i got mail from of new matches as they are sending mail on regular basis. I opened the profile of Gurwinder, she wrote so many things which i want in my ideal wife and there I saw her occupation and organisation. That was amaging to me coz city was same where I m resident. I sent her request for a picture and for contact also, but she was not replied cos she was not frequent user of Net. Suddenly I got why not I go to her organisation and see her how she is lukin, and very next I called her, she was quite surprised how it is possible a guy approaching for a marriage by getting the details from, i explained everything about me how i m luking and where I am working and family background etc. and said u and me we both have some matchable quality with this we can be better life partner so try and think about with deeper thought. I mailed my photographs to her she shown to her mom and massi ji, they accpeted me and they also like my approaching way because this is something different like other are doing. In the evening and we make a plan to meet but she is refusing cos she is feeling shy because there is lot way is pending, I know that she love to watch the movies, those days salman khan's Dabang was released , I offerd her for movie, in the beginning she was refusing but i convinces her that was the first day when we met 12th sept. 2010, and by talking we come closer and now we are in love my parents and parents both are happy and we are fixed the date of our marriage 3rd september 2011, 3rd spet. is so important coz this was the date when i called her for first time and proposed her now we are making this date as our marriage date. Thank u so much really love u