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Prateek & Pracheta
25 December 2020
So it went like this she showed interest in profile, we chatted a bit on once it clicked in first conversation we took it forward and got connected well. Also I suggested her to come on call more often rather than message to take things forward fast.our first call lasted for about 1.5 hour, then we started talking on phone for long odd hours till the point where we get alerted by birds chirping outside our window that it's morning already you love birds. Sadly we got connected when lockdown was just started so couldn't meet each other face to face even though we both were in pune. We met in person after 6-7 months that was in October 2020 so if you're still here and want to know how we managed to stick with each in this long distance kind of scenario then stay as it gets interesting in this part how technology, web apps, games played a crucial role in our story. 1) We started scheduling zoom calls and that gave us better idea of how we actually look in person at home and expressions. 2) Watching netflix is ok but watching a new series with your loved ones at the same tims if you can see them and guage their reaction was a different ball game for us we used netflix party and spatial chat, zoom to watch movies, series and gauge each other reactions we then started playing ludo and later on I, her mom and her started playing ludo unofficially disclosing it and her mom now mommy ji never killed my token and this was something so sweet. There are many small things that happened in between which led one things to other which I can't just put in words here but to the people who want the answer to " how would you know if she/he is the one?" the answer to this is really generic but believe me " you'll know when they are the one" if you don't then universe will throw enough hints to let you know.