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Anita & Hemant
07 March 2002
To Dear Mamata..,
Thanx a lot for such a quick reply..and about all services you provided for finding me a perfect lifepartner.We both are very thankful to team(previously am sending one photo of my and Anita's engagement.
Abnout my story of love..its was a quiet smooth travel from start. After registering on your site i got many responses some of those i responded with my further details and from that one is a Anita. After initial mails she gave me her email address to which i can contact.Then i mailed her 3-4 times about my details and she responded me with her details family background.Then we started chatting over msn. Which was on for 3 months.After 3 months her parents came to my place with her.That time i saw her first time in real..I was just amazed with such dream turn to life experience.Then we chatted in private to discuss us further and then we found that we were made for each other..even she don't know my mother tounge or i don't know her mother was such a resonance that we never felt that we are two separate life..Before i say she used to guess what i am going to say also I guessed same thing.Our both's nature and likes so same that we knew we made for each other.Then i went to her place where we got engaged on 16th dec.2001. and we planned our marriage on 30 may 2002.From start our parents get to know our love so we never got resistance from any one..and it was very smooth love story came to at point where we are getting married..
This is my experience which was not possible with out your site..thanx a lot again to all team.