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Manjit & kareena
15 April 2011
Hi everyone and first of all thank you to via who i have found my true soul mate and my true love.After many attempts in finding my special one i was beginning to loose hope and was thinking of giving up, being previously divorced i was thinking well.. maybe there is no more love in my life. It had been 1 year already and still there were no responses or acceptances. It was one evening in September 2010 i came home from my shop and opened my to see if there was any good news. unfortunatly there wasnt, but before giving up, i thought i will try one last time in an attempt to finding a perfect match, i broadend my choice in searching for her, after a couple of pages i found kareena from Amritsar, straight away my eyes were glued to her photo, i clicked on her profile and read it with great attention, i had a look at her photo, she was wearing a pink indian dress and looked stunning, but at the same time my mind was thinking, well will she really accept you... I thought well no harm in trying, if she doesnt then there is nothing you have lost if she does accept then you are the most luckiest person ever. It was now late evening and time to go to bed, before going to bed i had a quick look at her profile again which was now marked as a favourite, and had a long look at her 3 photographes and went to bed. Next day I went to open my shop and after setting up my displays i opened my laptop and went to check my emails. To my surprise what did I see, I saw there was an email saying Good news She has accepted your repsonse, but this didnt tell me if it was Kareena or some other profile I had looked at previously, at this moment my heart was really wishing that it was Kareena with a fluttry beating heart I opened the account and there she was, the beautiful photo in the pink suit, was Kareena, I was now the most happiest man in the whole world, my heart was filled with joy, at the same time i was serving a customer in my shop and had the biggest smile ever. Kareena emailed me also and I emailed her back replying to her that i will sms her in a short while, later on in the afternoon i had sent her an sms and also gave her a call. It was about 5pm in india when i called her, as soon as she said hello, i knew she was the one we had a brief chat and exchanged messenger id's to have a long chat while i was in the shop that way i could attend to my customers at the same time to. After closing my shop later that saturday evening we had another chat on the phone, it was great we both knew we liked each other from that day. She told me how she also had a good long look at my photos and profile and finally clicked yes to me. Soon after that we had talked on skype and had also met each other on webcam many times, day by day our love was getting intense, our parents by now had also met on skype webcam, and talked on phone. The day came where it was finally time for us to meet in person, during the christmas holidays we decided to fly out to india on the 28th December 2010 there I met Kareena and her family, she looked even more beautiful than her photos, I was feeling, that i am so lucky she met my parents, and straight away my parents had a liking for her and said she seems a great match for me. Before Finalizing everything, we went to the Holiest Temple in Amritsar City Shri Darbar Sahib to get the blessing of our beloved guru where me and Kareena bowed in reverence to our guru thanking him for having me and Kareena met, from there we came back to Kareenas House and everything was finalized and mom gave kareena the shagan and said she is now our daughter in law to be. That was the most special day for us both. A date was fixed for our Ring ceremony day where in front of many we would be engaged, on the 9th January 2011 we got engaged and wore the rings of each others love. I came back to UK 26th January and we are now getting ready for marriage which will take place in UK. We are looking to get married sometime in May or June 2011 depending on how soon Kareena will get he Fiancee Visa. That was how i met my lovely Kareena. Thank you once again Manjit and Kareena