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Harikumar & Anupama
13 December 2009
All Excited 2 share our STORY !!! Well, like many others I had no clue how the websites would help find your true partner, but but it worked Big time 4 me.......I found the 1, I ever wanted just after a week of registering in It was me who expressed interest in him (his profile) and things started off from then on. Both of us had a gut feeling that we were made for each other and then things fell into place! Kudos to SHAADI.COM, I've told him innumerable times, what if wa'nt there, how could we ever meet !!! Well, its a good platform for young people to find their partners.....Thanks to technology which offers various flexible options especially when communicating from two different countries. We both met through this base and then continued to talk further, and then our families took it up from there and now my Life's extremely Beautiful to have him in !!! Great Job