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Shitij & Mamta
05 November 2018
I was on since 2017, until an invitation came from Bengaluru just before a day I decided to delete my account. PS before the request came in on 12th march, I had never visited bengaluru. I have already rejected several requests till then but this one was but tricky. A girl sitting in a scooty somewhere in Goa. Profile description was amazing. I messaged her on Shaadi messenger and asked for her number. Thankfully, I got her number while later on I came to know that the profile was managed by her Father - who is ex army. Coincidentally, in April I went to bengaluru for work and we decided to meet on the very first day of my visit. It was 21st April I first met her at Indiranagar, bengaluru and went to a cafe. Had a long conversation for almost like 2.5 hours.. I felt like we were old friends. And, we met again the very next day and the day after before I head back to Delhi on 24th April. I just couldn't stopped thinking about her. It never felt like that I was met some stranger from Next month in May I was going to city closer to bengaluru, she decided to travel all the way from bengaluru to the city. We watched couple of movies back to back and had a great dinner together. It was like I am dating someone without an official proposal. Our conversation went on about us, life, past, future etc. I cannot forget the night we sat on beach, alone, that even the humid weather felt like winters. Next month after our second meet, I told my parents about her and asked if she can come meet us in Delhi. She had attended a wedding in Banaras, post which she came to Delhi to meet my parents. Both my parents and Mamta were equally happy to meet each other. A week after that I went to meet her parents in bengaluru. Till that date i had never asked if she wanted to marry me or not. Till August, came the day when I had to ask her - propose her to marry me as I was supposed to leave the country for my next job.I decided before leaving I will propose her. Then came the day, 24th August, we went for a short trip to coorg. Day went good, until night around 9 pm i set up the candles and campaign for her outside the villa house where we were staying. Told her the official offline timelines of how we met and where we are now. went on floor took out he ring and asked her - Will you Marry me... She accepted it.. This was our sweet story without the masala.. Thanks alot