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Soujanya & Chaitanya
26 May 2009
With remarkable conviction, I can assure you that I almost can read your mind while you read these lines as one of the members holding a profile here in matrimonial site. Why so? Simply because I used to be in the same Hot Seat few months before vigorously scanning many profiles, reading many success stories and all the while wondering ?Of all the places I ever been and bypassing all the people I have ever known or met?Can I find her here?? I am writing this piece as more of an obituary to the cynic in me who died in March 2009 and as much in celebration of the person whom I met in that month. She is a Dentist, I am a Writer. We are engaged and this is where it all began. For I will not sneer if ever plans to advertise themselves as ?Register here! You will find True Love? but I tell them ?Hmm? I don?t know about that ?but?.I did find my Love here?and that?s the Truth!? Thank you and as we wish you all the best, like to send out a message ?Fellas?Hang in there! You might just become the star in the next Success Story!?