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Dipty & Prasad
03 February 2009
It is said "marriages are made in heaven" . Its very true and proved to be the heaven for me. Never knew it really existed until i met her. I sent her message on Shaadi and she replied it. We decided to meet up one evening in a coffee shop.It was during the monsoons in Mumbai. But fortunately, d weather also helped us that day. We still remember the first glance we had on each other and we still visit that coffee shop now and then to revive our memory. I, liked her a lot in the first encounter itself...and by a few more encounters i was very sure i wanted to get married to her . But, convincing her was d toughest part. She just wouldn't agree how truly i loved her .I realized by then that if i didn't have her in my life i would be incomplete. She was the girl i was looking around for all these year and now when i have met her ...i simply wouldn't let her go out of my life . I went to Lal Bagh ka Raja , mahalaxmi temple, siddhivinayak temple and prayed to God earnestly to give me this gift in my life. Somehow i felt so confident n i told her that ...." in my profession (architecture) , we have to be convinced about our designs first...only then will we be able to convince our clients about our project. I am totally convinced that i love you and i want you in my life forever and my search ends in you , hence, i am sure, very soon I will be able to convince you about my love for u." I think the Gods heard my prayer ....and gradually her perspective towards me widened any she started being positive to my approach. One evening... when i was with her i held her hand i silently slide a ring into her finger without even she getting the slightest clue that i would do so . She couldn't believe her senses. Within few months we decided to get married . we, love each other truly and she also told me that in me, her search has ended and need not to look further anywhere. she said ,she realized that loving me and d process of falling in love with me are the most beautiful things in life that has happened to her. Now , we have completed 1 month of our marriage and hope n pray that we be together till the end of time . All thanks to shaadi .com . you made d heaven come down in our lives . THANKS A MILLION.