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23 July 2017
A FAIRY TALE REDEFINED- Benazeer Khan & Imran Sidi "What's meant to be will always find a way." Once in a lifetime maybe you meet someone who is instantly different from everyone else around you. Whatever level it might be, the two of you belong together. As just friends, or lovers or something entirely speicial. For some reason everything starts to feel alive and you just click! What is this called ? Not coincidence.Not sheer luck.I don't know what exactly I believe in, but here to me fate sounds too good to be true. I name this "Destined Love." And out of the blue a love story could begin anywhere and love gives you a fairy tale. Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite one - Once upon a time in a land not so far away called India, there lived a sprightly girl who was a princess to her mother & strongly believed in her mother. She knew something magical was coming her way, as promised by her mother. At the other end was a boy in the land of Dubai, waiting for the right woman to come in his life. So with that hope alive within him, he happened to create his premiun member profile on in search of her soulmate. He expressed his interest in this girl's proflie which was created and accessed by her mother. On the other hand girl was totally unaware about the fact that something of this sort was even happening. The mother, having the urge of finding the right man who could be a prince to her daughter & would keep her happy was strong. And unlike others, this mother wanted the best for her child. So she came across this guy's interest and accepted his request as it matched the requirements mentioned in the girl's profile. The guy initiated the talk with the girl's mother for the initial days and was desperately waiting to get in touch with this girl, who turned out to be his girl of dreams today. After few days the mother happens to tell about this guy to her daughter. The girl out of curiosity starts to research by reading into the guy's profile. She further goes and does more researching by going through his profile on social networking sites, just to check from her end whether it was a genuine one or not. Since this girl never believed in finding a soulmate through any online dating sites or matrimonial sites, because she was the tough cookie from the very start and so was this guy who was still waiting to talk to the girl. The girl agrees to talk to him, the girl's mother provides the contact details of the girl to him. He without wasting a minute, happens to make the first move & buzz her up. They first time got introduced to eachother on 11-3-17, though being in two different countries they started to talk through skype calls, texts and what not. They shared every inch of their thought processes, dreams, ideas, aspirations and with the blink of an eye they ended up having long hours of conversations & sleepless nights. This continued for several days and they bonded really well. Infact their compatibility was just incredible, surreal and magical. Then the guy decides to take sometime out of his busy schedule and go meet the girl personally, so he flew down from Dubai to India to eventually surprise her. Their first dinner date took place on 23-4-17. They kept on meeting up for the two consecutive days and also made the familes meet eachother & both the families meet as well. By the good God's grace things went really smooth. The girl was liked by his family and the guy was liked by her family too. The guy got back to Dubai and their long-distance relationship continued. By now both of them were pretty sure that they liked eachother a lot or may be they were already halfway in love. The guy was in love with this girl head over heels. On 12-5-17, the guy popped up the question. "He asked, she said NO. He again asked, she still said NO. He begged and she said NO. He cried and she yet again said NO. He said, he will die without her and finally she said YES."Hence, they decided to post it on Facebook that they were in relationship, because He asked & She said YES! They wanted the world that how happy they were to have gotten eachother in their lives. One fine monday morning, the guy couldn't resist himself and makes another move by asking the girl out to put a ring on her. Since the happy times were rolling for this happily crazy couple, they realised that THIS WAS IT-Love has chosen us to be together & we decided to make it official by getting engaged.Finally, the day had arrived which was long awaited & they got "HOOKED" forever till eternity on 1-7-17. This new journey began and what followed them was their fate. And now, we both have a strong feeling that we are so made for eachother couples. Simply excited to build up our beautiful future together. And hopefully, we will be getting hitched in the coming year on 18-2-18. We would definitely like to take a moment to share our no less than a fairy tale love story like the ones showed in romantic movies. On behalf of US, our families and friends we would like to THANK the entire Team from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to make us happen in this life. We would also love to convey our good luck wishes to the Team as they are doing an exceptional good job by creating beautiful pairs on earth. You guys are breaking all the stereotypes who say the pairs are made in heaven, for us in real life Team is the medium that has lead to heaven and my mother being the guardian angel of our heaven. This is no less than a dream come true to us!!! Hence, two less fish in the sea. The END! P.S. Lots of Love from Benazeer Khan & Imran Sidi! ❤