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Uthra & Arun
04 April 2014
On a January day, I was to leave for a lovely trekking trip in the Himalayas from Darjeeling. He had sent an 'interest' to me. Along with it, a short and sweet message. I glanced at the 'interest', saw it was from a guy who's been through a similar past as mine. He seemed sweet and understanding. Amidst all the packing for winter clothes and trekking boots, I made a mental note to respond to him once I got back. All through the trip I kept thinking of his message. And somewhere, an urge to write back to him rose in me. Anyway, I returned home having cut-short my trip owing to an injury. Or perhaps it was Destiny. But the day I landed, I wrote back to him. I gave him my number. He called me immediately! "Hello..." He said. Lionel Richie was right on the dot with 'Is it me you're looking for?' It was like an instant connection! We hit it off quite well, our similar pasts, gave us a shared space, a world which only the two of us understood. We talked, we shared, laughed and cried. Things we'd kept to ourselves, we could pour out to each other. Our pain, our miseries, our little joys and some memories. Two voices on a phone line, wove a string through our hearts. That, when struck, played a melodious chord - of revival. "I wish I could hug you right now" he said, when I cried my story out. And I knew I'd found a soulmate. He told me later, that as we sat talking that night, he dream our souls were hugging, walking on the beach, dancing. We lived. After aeon's, it seemed. We met in person a week later and have met every weekend since then. And life hasn't been this happy, ever! We've grown closer and closer each day. We've decided to tie the knot soon and take on life once again. Another chance at happiness. And Love. Yes, Love. Thank you