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Sandesh Vhavle & Megha Kakde
19 January 2014
Faith in Arranged Marriage with It all started with an interest received by Megha in my inbox. After accepting it, we got to know that we have common relatives and through which we fixed a meeting. Initially we were apprehensive. As we started speaking all that anxiety and apprehension were shattered. We discovered that we have so much in common. Our Hearts connected instantly. Then a couple of days later when we met again, the decision was sealed. We started understanding that we connect and we connect well. The more we got to know about each other, the deeper we fell in love. After a few more meets we started believing that we are made for each other. I never knew arranged marriages would be so amazing. We are currently engaged and our marriage is also fixed. Most importantly we are in Love. In Love with each other. The exciting journey of Marital bliss has started and it feels like we have known each other from ages.