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The Kshatriya community in India has always been associated with ancestral warriors who protected the kingdoms and were seen as noble, upstanding citizens of the state. Today, Kshatriya is an expansive subcategory of Hindus that comprises various regional communities such as Rajputs, Marathas, Jats, Chhetris, Reddys, Khandayats, Suryavanshis, Chandravanshis, Agnivanshis, Rathores, Chauhans, Solankis, Tomars, Gaekwads, etc.

Since all these Kshatriya communities vary by regions, contemporary Kshatriya culture is extremely varied and diverse. Of course, most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from the community boast of being highly educated, well-mannered, chivalrous, kind, and associated with either established companies or owning an entrepreneurial venture.Supportive, helpful, loyal, and brave are some of the common personality traits that are often used to describe eligible Kshatriya brides and grooms. While Kshatriya matrimony today mostly follows regional customs, the increasingly educated and tech-savvy modern generation of the community prefers finding the right partner through online matrimony. Once a profile has been shortlisted and contacts initiated, all traditional Kshatriya matrimony customs are performed to determine the compatibility of a couple as written in the stars.

Although matrimonial rituals may differ as per different Kshatriya communities present all over India, what remains the same is the respect for the sanctity and purity of marriage. That means wedding rituals such as Tilak Ceremony, Pithi Dastoor, Mahira Dastoor, Janev Ceremony are common.

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30 yrs, 5' 2"", Hindu, Kshatriya, Bhawanipatna

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28 yrs, 5' 1"", Hindu, Kshatriya, Harihar

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29 yrs, 5' 3"", Hindu, Kshatriya, Bhopal

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28 yrs, 5' 3"", Hindu, Kshatriya, Gurugram

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