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Christianity has major followers in India's southern states, most notably Kerala which is home to many different types of Christian sects. One of them is Jacobite.

The Jacobite Syrian Christian community in India is a small but significant Christian denomination that traces its roots back to the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch. The community is centred around the state of Kerala, and its members are primarily concentrated in the central and southern parts of the state. When it comes to matrimonial preferences, the Jacobite community follows a set of customs and practices that are unique to their denomination. As for matchmaking, online Jacobite matrimony is becoming quite popular amongst educated families and progressive youth looking to settle down with someone of a similar temperament and interests.

One of the key aspects of Jacobite matrimonial preferences is the emphasis on marrying within the same denomination. This preference is rooted in the belief that a marriage between two individuals from the same Christian community can lead to great harmony and prosperity. As such, parents and elders in the community play an active role in matchmaking and helping to find suitable partners within the community.

Another important factor in Jacobite matrimonial preferences is the importance placed on family values and traditions. The community places a great deal of emphasis on the role of the family in the life of an individual, and as such, it is common for families to play an active role in the wedding planning process. This can include everything from selecting the venue and arranging the decorations to choosing the menu and inviting guests.

Modern Jacobite matrimony profiles are very open-minded, affluent, well settled in jobs across cities in India and abroad, and prefer someone who is similarly educated, kind, respectful of tradition, and has a forward-looking mindset. Find the best ones below!

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28 yrs, 5' 2"", Christian, Jacobite, Thrissur

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51 yrs, 5' 1"", Christian, Jacobite, Other

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31 yrs, 5' 5"", Christian, Jacobite, Kottayam

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29 yrs, 5' 1"", Christian, Jacobite, Ernakulam

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